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Abundance Is Your Birthright

Group Mentorship Program

The “business” side of show business can be very intimidating to performers, no matter how seasoned they might be. It can be overwhelming and can take a toll on your mental state. If you’ve ever found yourself seeking guidance on how to pursue taking your career to the next level while still honoring yourself, I would love to hear from you. I’ve seen it all, honey, and I would love to pass along many of the lessons I’ve learned along the way. My Abundance is Your Birthright group mentorship program helps you navigate issues such as: 

  • How to approach producers with a complete package

  • Ways of building passive income outside of performing

  • How to successfully utilize social media with ease

  • Curating your act for different circumstances

  • Methods of honoring your boundaries not only as a performer but as a person

  • How to build a network and safe space with other performers in all stages of their career

  • How to allow yourself to work at your own pace (it’s a marathon, not a sprint)

At the end of this program, you’ll not only have the tools to set you up for success as a performer, but also the tools to help you gain peace of mind as you enter your personal evolution. You deserve it all, darling - let me help you get it. Join our waitlist below.

Registration for Abundance Is Your Birthright is now closed.

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to Abundance Is Your Birthright

    • What's Included

    • Abundance is Your Birthright Member Directory

    • Members Directory Google Form

  • 2

    Class Rules & Boundaries

    • Mission Statement and Boundaries

  • 3

    Upcoming Schedule & Curriculum

    • Upcoming Workshop and Group Session Schedule *Please note that we meet every Wednesday at 7 pm EDT via Zoom.

  • 4

    Community Support and Private Slack Group

    • Abundance Is Your Birthright Support and Q&A Group

  • 5

    Weekly Group Class Zoom Link

    • Group Class Schedule and Zoom Link

  • 6

    Seduction Challenge Phase 1

    • IG Reel Ideas and Upcoming 30-Day Seduction Challenge

    • Social Media Challenge Worksheet & Info

    • How to Use Instagram Reels for Business in 2021

    • The Complete Guide to Using Instagram Stories for Business in 2021

    • New Instagram Reels Ads, Reels Insights, Stories Tools, DM Automation, and More

    • 264 Creative Instagram Captions for Standout Posts by Hootsuite

    • TOP Rookie Mistakes You're Making with Instagram Reels

  • 7

    Resources & Tools

    • Creator Studio *Facebook Automation Tutorial

    • Creator Studio *IG Automation Tutorial

    • How to set up IG Quick Replies

    • How To Presell A Course (Ultimate Guide To Pre-Selling) by Thinkific

    • Flash_Sale_Checkist_Guide

    • Craft Your Course Name by Teachable

    • How to create professional course content people will love - Teachable

    • Newsletter Templates

    • 32 Email Campaigns-guide from Teachable

    • Live Streaming Strategy: How To Run A Successful Live Stream

    • How to use Instagram Insights Guide

  • 8

    Homework & Lesson Discussions

    • What's Your Mission Statement? *September 6, 2021

  • 9

    The Art of Seduction

    • The Art of Seduction

    • The Art of Seduction - worksheet

    • What’s My Archetype?

  • 10

    Abundance Worksheets

    • Growth vs. Fixed Mindset

    • Bucket List

    • HTS - Life Wishlist

    • Vision Board Worksheet

    • Setting Up The Pitch Sending Booking Inquiry Emails

  • 11

    Class Recordings & Tutorials

    • Stillness Is Key Burlesque Tutorial

    • Multiple Streams of Income Group Class Recording

    • July 7th Group Check In

    • How to curate a workshop

    • Act Development Tips & Perlesque Werk Dance Class Recording

    • Boundaries Check In *July 28

    • Archival Flesh™: Embodying Mentorship Lessons featuring Joyce LeeAnn

    • Intimate Check In & Goals *Aug. 11 Check In

    • Embrace Rejection *Aug. 18 Class Recording

    • Turning a workshop into an online course, DM sales, and Freebie Funnel *Sept. 1 Class Recording

    • Mission Statement & Evergreen Marketing *Sept. 8 Class Recording

    • Social Media Seduction Check In *9:15:21

    • Bookings, Coaching, Gig Salad, and Social Media Tips *September 22

    • New Class Rule, Reel Mistakes & More *September 29

    • The Abundance Mindset with Anna Brooke *October 6

    • Q&A and Healing Through Seduction *October 13

    • Gig Salad Tips, How to Build Your Audience Offline, Holiday Sales, and Updated 90-Day Plan* October 20

  • 12

    Bonus: Burlesque Workshop Recordings

    • How to Strip With Power *Aug 2021



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