Abundance Is Your Birthright

Did you know that abundance is your birthright? It's time to honor your gifts and become a vessel of inspiration for yourself and the world. The Abundance Is Your Birthright Course was designed to encourage you to thrive and shine as a financially stable burlesque performer. You can make six figures or more as a burlesque professional, my darlings! Let me show you how! This course was created for burlesque dancers looking to evolve as artists, business professionals and master the art of connection & tease. The program will focus on act development, an abundant mindset, thriving online, and show business essentials.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Abundance Is Your Birthright

    2. The Art of Seduction

    3. What’s My Archetype Worksheet?

    4. The Art of Seduction Group Class Video Recording

    5. The Art of Seduction & Branding 101 Assignment

    6. Boundaries Journal Prompt

    1. Branding 101

    2. Branding 101 Worksheet

    3. Branding 101 Class Recording

    4. Automation and Branding Resources

    5. Assignments & Tips

    6. Aja Naomi King Shares Her Battle With Self-Doubt In Moving Speech

    7. Boundaries, Pricing, and Systems for Seven-Figure Businesses Podcast

    1. Become an Affiliate

    2. Create a Challenge aka Freebie or Lead Generator

    3. Freebie & Challenge Example

    4. Landing Page Example & Welcome Email

    5. Example of an Automated Email Sequence

    6. Multiple Streams of Income Examples

    7. Newsletter Templates

    8. Teachable - The Full-Time Creator Checklist

    9. Pricing_Guide_Templates

    10. Teachable Email Campaign Worksheet

    11. 90-Day Launch Guide

    12. Multiple Streams of Income Group Class Recording

    1. What Is A Social Media Strategy?

    2. Work smarter, not harder, with SMART goals

    3. SMART Goals Worksheet

    4. Social Media Strategy 101 Group Class Recording

    5. The Rule of Seven

    1. Abundance Is Your Birthright Burlesque Event Sales Strategy Guide

    2. Bookings & Sales Strategy 101 Group Class Recording

    3. Growth vs. Fixed Mindset PDF

    4. Life Wishlist PDF

    1. How To Be a Headliner on and off Stage Class Recording

About this course

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